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Two GISCorps volunteers teaching GIS and Remote Sensing at Kabul Polytechnic University

Recently, Dr John Van Hoesen of Green Mountain College, Vermont (USA) and Dr Gary Hunter of the University of Melbourne (Australia), served as GISCorps volunteers to provide remote sensing and GIS training to 16 faculty members in the newly-created Department of GIS at Kabul Polytechnic University, Afghanistan. During two weeks in July-August 2015, Dr Van Hoesen began the training programme by conducting a series of lectures and practical labs in remote sensing topics such as Boolean Logic, Raster Algebra, watershed analysis, spatial interpolation and Cloud-based mapping techniques.  Then in the second week, Dr Hunter focussed on GIS lectures and labs in topics such as cartographic communication, spatial data quality, managing a GIS, GIS and the knowledge economy, partnerships in GIS, distributed GIS and the future of GIS. The deployment was managed by Dr Hussein Abaza of Kennesaw State University, Georgia (USA) under a US State Department grant which has funded the creation of a new 96-seat GIS and remote sensing teaching laboratory in the Department.  However, an additional requirement was identified for capacity building amongst the faculty members to enable suitable courses to be taught in the new teaching facility and GISCorps volunteers were sought to deliver the training.  The 2015 deployment follows on from a similar two-week training programme in 2014 by GISCorps members, Dr Heath Robinson of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and Stéphane Henriod of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. 

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Developing Web Maps for ACAPS in Nepal

The Assessment Capabilities Project (ACAPS) is continuing its humanitarian assistance in Nepal in response to the April 2015 earthquake. ACAPS requested assistance from GISCorps in producing online maps for their Nepal effort. Brian Baldwin, a GIS Specialist from Redlands, CA was recruited for this project and is now working with the ACAPS team.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Volunteer downloading and parsing data from OSM

The American Association for Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) requested the expertise of a GISCorps volunteer for downloading and parsing data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) interface. The request was for downloading OSM data for Syria and Iraq - both the actual map files and also categories of buildings. The recruitment resulted in selecting Sami Snunu, a GIS professional with Nexen Energy ULC, in Calgary, Canada. Sami is now in contact with AAAS representatives. 

Recruitment complete, work in progress

An expert volunteer geocoder/programmer assisting a project in Guatemala

MiCRO is a social business which seeks to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable low-income populations. They need the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer in geo coding the locations of small-holder farmers and micro-entrepreneurs across Guatemala. The recruitment resulted in deploying Sami Snunu a GIS professional from Calgary, Canada. He is now in contact with MiCRO representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress 

Volunteer assisting with a project in Laos

Lone Buffalo, a Laos based nonprofit organization has requested the remote assistance of a GISCorps volunteer. They required a volunteer to provide the technical expertise to work with the Map Your World platform to develop an effective and powerful map to present data on UXO Clearance. Rhys Donoghue a GIS professional from Brisbane, Australia was selected for this project and is now in contact with Lone Buffalo representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

GISCorps volunteer requested by a US based nonprofit organization

The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) requested assistance of a GISCorps volunteer to geocode the incidents of violence and arrests that have taken place in the past two years throughout the Uyghur homeland. Kyla Jacobsen from Calgary, Canada was recruited for this project and is now in direct contact with the UHRP representative. 

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Five volunteers giving GISCorps website a facelift!

GISCorps website was designed a number of years ago and is in need of a facelift. Carol Kraemer, one of our Core Committee members took responsibility to assemble a team of volunteers to migrate the website from Joomla to Word Press. In order to make that a reality, she recruited four other volunteers who have started the initial conversations. They are: Tommy Burke, Eric Peña, Paul Hoeffler, and Eric Stoycon.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

GISCorps volunteers supporting Search & Rescue team in Alaska

The Alaska Incident Management Team Search and Rescue (AIMT-SAR) requested the assistance of Alaska based GIS Specialists who are interested and willing to provide their services to the AIMT. Two volunteer responded to the call. They are: Tricia Littlejohn and Robert Mikol. They are in contact with AIMT representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress 

GSDI projects in South Africa and Nigeria

The request for volunteers came from South Africa (Endangered Wildlife Trust) and Nigeria (Geographical Resources for Development Centre). These are both GSDI projects and are either interested in developing a metadata Geo Portal (South Africa) or, already have one and would like to enhance it further (Nigeria). Two volunteers were selected, Karl Tiller, a Technical Advisor in the GIS Centre of Makerere University, funded by Horizont3000 as the Project Manager who is working on South Africa project and Brylie Oxley from US who is working on Nigerian project.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Mission with iMMAP/WFP - North Korea

The project is progressing wonderfully and more map sheets are digitized by the volunteers. The original request for volunteers came from the World Food Program (WFP) and Information Management and Mining Action Program (iMMAP). Volunteers are charged with the task of digitizing 400 map sheets and will create several data layers such as: settlement points, transportation (roads, foot path, and railroads), rivers and lakes. To see the latest status map and read more about this project, click here.

Recruitment complete, work is progress

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Small Grants Program's 2014 Projects 

GISCorps has collaborated with the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) in its Small Grants Program since 2005. This year (2014) GSDI was funded by the Canadian government to provide grants of up to $2,500 to four programs that support “local, national and international spatial data infrastructure developments that will allow nations to better address social, economic, and environmental issues of pressing importance”. Applicants can also request GISCorps volunteer assistance. Thirty-nine applications were received. Assistance from GISCorps was specifically requested in eight applications and another four were identified as possibly able to use GISCorps assistance. At this writing all twelve applicants have been contacted and we are awaiting further clarifications about their projects and staffing needs.
Read about previous GSDI projects here.

Ongoing projects and deployments