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Four volunteers assisting in refugee crisis response

NetHope is a consortium of 41 of the leading humanitarian NGOs in the world, and focuses on providing Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) during humanitarian crises. They requested the assistance of a GISCorps Emergency Response Team with their response to the Syria/Mediterranean displacement crisis. A team of four volunteers were selected and are currently in contact with the NetHope team. Volunteers are: Beni Patel from The Woodlands, TX; Sean Bohac and Frank McDermott from San Diego, CA; and Andy Priest from Oakland, CA.

 Recruitment complete, work in progress

Developing story maps for Green World Campaign 

In September, the nonprofit organization, Green World Campaign - GWC, requested the assistance of GISCorps volunteers with ArcGIS Online (AGO) expertise. GWC has a bold mission: ReGreen the World in One Generation—for All the Generations to Come. It practices scalable holistic methods of reforestation, afforestation, and eco-agriculture to restore degraded land and help struggling rural communities attain self-sufficiency through low-carbon development pathways. The recruitment resulted in selection of Drew Ortego, a volunteer from Redlands, California. He is now in contact with GWC representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Volunteers digitized features after Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia was the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere in terms. A well-defined eye developed and Patricia grew from a tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane in just 24 hours—a near-record pace. Late on October 23, Patricia made landfall in a significantly weakened state and within 24 hours of moving ashore, Patricia degraded into a tropical depression and dissipated soon thereafter late on October 24. Patricia produced widespread flooding rains in Central America. Hundreds of thousands of people mostly in rural areas, were directly affected by the storm, mostly in Guatemala. Violent winds tore roofs from structures and stripped coastal areas of their vegetation. Preliminary assessments indicate hundreds of homes to be destroyed and seven fatalities are linked to the hurricane, directly or indirectly. 12 GISCorps volunteers contributed to this project and the effort was led by Leslie Zolman, a GISCorps’ Disaster Response Coordinator from Montana.

Recruitment complete, work in progress 

Afghanistan Earthquake GISCorps Response

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Afghanistan on October 26, 2015.  Within hours the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) activated an online work project to support the local OpenStreetMap (OSM) community by digitizing features from existing imagery. In the following three weeks approximately 400 volunteers around the world contributed over 1 million features to OSM. A total of 14 GISCorps volunteers contributed over 60,000 features in remote support of this project. The GISCorps team was led by Emmor Nile, a GISCorps Disaster Response Coordinator from Oregon and a longtime OSM contributor.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Volunteers geocoding 3,300 locations in Niger

The University of Georgia Information Technology Outreach Services () has requested the assistance of GISCorps volunteers for geocoding 3,300+ locations in Niger. Ten volunteers were selected for this project and will be working on this task for the next 2-3 months. The final dataset will become publicly available on Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX). 

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Assisting iCoast with tagging post Hurricane Joaquin imagery

In 2014 the USGS developed a new crowdsourcing application called iCoast to test the efficacy of online processing/tagging of coastal photographs by citizen volunteers. GISCorps volunteers participated in iCoast’s first pilot project which involved tagging post hurricane Sandy imagery. In October, they once again requested the assistance of volunteers to tag imagery, this time for hurricane Joaquin. 24 have volunteers signed up for this project. 

Recruitment complete, work in progress

An expert volunteer geocoder/programmer assisting a project in Guatemala

MiCRO is a social business which seeks to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable low-income populations. They need the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer in geo coding the locations of small-holder farmers and micro-entrepreneurs across Guatemala. The recruitment resulted in deploying Sami Snunu a GIS professional from Calgary, Canada. He is now in contact with MiCRO representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress 

Volunteer assisting with a project in Laos

Lone Buffalo, a Laos based nonprofit organization has requested the remote assistance of a GISCorps volunteer. They required a volunteer to provide the technical expertise to work with the Map Your World platform to develop an effective and powerful map to present data on UXO Clearance. Rhys Donoghue a GIS professional from Brisbane, Australia was selected for this project and is now in contact with Lone Buffalo representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

GISCorps volunteer requested by a US based nonprofit organization

The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) requested assistance of a GISCorps volunteer to geocode the incidents of violence and arrests that have taken place in the past two years throughout the Uyghur homeland. Kyla Jacobsen from Calgary, Canada was recruited for this project and is now in direct contact with the UHRP representative. 

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Five volunteers giving GISCorps website a facelift!

GISCorps website was designed a number of years ago and is in need of a facelift. Carol Kraemer, one of our Core Committee members took responsibility to assemble a team of volunteers to migrate the website from Joomla to Word Press. In order to make that a reality, she recruited four other volunteers who have started the initial conversations. They are: Tommy Burke, Eric Peña, Paul Hoeffler, and Eric Stoycon.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Mission with iMMAP/WFP - North Korea

The project is progressing wonderfully and more map sheets are digitized by the volunteers. The original request for volunteers came from the World Food Program (WFP) and Information Management and Mining Action Program (iMMAP). Volunteers are charged with the task of digitizing 400 map sheets and will create several data layers such as: settlement points, transportation (roads, foot path, and railroads), rivers and lakes. To see the latest status map and read more about this project, click here.

Recruitment complete, work is progress