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GISCorps mission for DHN Filtering Data for Hurricane Matthew

Assistance from GISCorps was requested to respond to Hurricane Matthew to help document crisis maps to be accessed by key decision makers during the emergency response. This project was in collaboration with the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN). Eleven volunteers were recruited for this project. They are: Joel Irish, Billee McGinley, Eleanor Cervigni, David Zand, Jane Desbarats, Theresa Pinter, Jacob Nigro, Sherley Perez, Michelle Nichols, Frank Simek, and Keri Shearer.

GIS volunteers conducted the Map Review successfully. The team reviewed 322 maps, and have created both the map filter for improving access to maps, as well as a prototype for monitoring and evaluating map production and information sharing against known timelines for information needs in emergencies.

There is an ongoing discussion about how to integrate the former into ReliefWeb, and how to use the latter for assessing how well the emergency response Joint Analysis teams are creating and sharing information during the early phases of disaster response.