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If data and/or maps are to be created by GISCorps volunteers assigned to this mission, who is the intended end user of that data?
Will you share the data created by this mission with other humanitarian organizations? If so, please list them.
How much of your budget is set aside for the tasks that are to be completed by GISCorps volunteers?
Could you afford to perform these tasks (perhaps by hiring consultants) if GISCorps volunteers were not available? Please provide an explanation and details.
Thank you for your interest.
Please note that the activities of GISCorps are possible thanks to volunteer work, in-kind services, grants, donations and contributions (excluding software and hardware) as defined by our Organizing Principles and Policies. GISCorps volunteers and the GISCorps management leaders (Core Committee) are unpaid for their services.

We understand that the vast majority of the organizations requesting our help cannot afford professional services and GISCorps volunteer services do not require payment. However, at the conclusion of the mission we do ask partner agencies to consider making voluntary affordable donation to GISCorps to help pay for operating expenses such as web development and maintenance, communication materials, and minimal administrative help. These donations help us continue helping others.